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When you just need to Talk

Finding a person to simply have an open conversation without judgement seems to be tough in today's day and age. Yottamind is here 4U.




Relieve Stress Through Conversation

Meet Nick.

He is Yottamind’s go-to listener when it comes to the 4U Talk.

Help 4U

Many people are looking for an outlet to unload stress, baggage, or bottled up emotions. Once those pressures are relieved, people feel that they can take command of themselves and their lives again.

Change Your Mindset

With an active listener here 4U, you can begin to give yourself the compassion and proper energy you’ve needed. Once you invest in yourself, you can even begin to help others with much more efficiency.

Transmute Negative Into Positive

Letting go of stress in the 4U Talk is just the beginning. Once you feel comfortable with yourself and find the positive in every scenario you encounter, you can begin to morph negative energy into positive energy.

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4U Talk Sessions

You can choose from our 4U Talk options below to fit your schedule.

4U Talk


30 Minutes

In-Person Discussion
Or Virtual Conversation

4U Talk


60 Minutes

In-Person Discussion
Or Virtual Conversation

4U Talk


90 Minutes

In-Person Discussion
Or Virtual Conversation
Disclaimer: Nothing during the conversation should be considered professional medical, clinical, financial, etc. advice.

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