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What is Yottamind?

Yottamind is an organization that is genuinely focused on service to others. Sharing love, helping people, and discussing both practical and mystical knowledge is what Yottamind has set out to do. Helping the people of Earth improve and realize their God-given power and purpose is our goal.

Meet Yottamind

Below are the founders of Yottamind. Each person brings their own perspective, talents, and love to Yottamind for you to utilize.


Loves to Love

The Healer

Amy is Yottamind's QHHT practitioner as well as our Chakra reader. Amy's soft, genuine, and kind energy welcomes anyone who is seeking better wellness, alternative healing methods, or self-improvement.
Soul Speak
Chakra Reading


An Open Mind

The Numerologist

Adam is Yottamind's number enthusiast. From Numerology to Birth Charts, Adam ties aspects of your life together to assist you in your quest to understand your purpose on Earth.
Birth Chart
Birth Card


Here 4U

The Helpful Soul

Nick is Yottamind's Law of One and Service to Others aficionado. His patient, caring, and open heart helps you with whatever might be causing you stress. In our 4U Talk, Nick lends a listening ear for you to discuss anything you wish in private.
4U Talk
Guided Experience

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