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Loving to LOVE

Sharing and spreading love is our primary goal! We are here for those that may be seeking alternative healing methods, self exploration, and higher consciousness.

Amy Kavalauskas

Level 2 QHHT Practitioner


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Learn to Heal

Explore. Understand. Heal.

Inviting those with an open mind to explore the power of QHHT. If you are seeking to find greater meaning in your life or perhaps looking for alternative healing, you’ve come to the right place.

Yottamind Offerings

When you can learn about more perspectives of your life, the full picture becomes easier to see. Purpose and direction become clearer with the unveiling of each aspect of your life.


Explore deeper consciousness to find answers in your life and potential healing capabilities within yourself through QHHT.

Soul Speak

Learn what your body is trying to communicate to you in order to improve yourself, well-being, and health.

Chakra Reading

Measuring your chakras is a great way to start your journey to betterment and improvement.

Reiki Relaxation

When done properly, Reiki can improve your well-being, balance your emotions, and relieve ailments. (Coming soon!)


Numbers can unlock a deeper understanding of this reality and existence we experience. Check out our Numerology Readings!

Birth Chart

Explore your birth chart for the first time or review it to examine deeper meanings.

Birth Card

Explore the deck of cards and the profound connection you have with your birth card.

4U Talk

Need to talk to someone? Relax, let go, and share your story in a confidential 4U Talk conversation with one of the Yottaminders.

Spreading Love & Light One Soul At A Time

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