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NOTE: There is a short flight of stairs to go down to reach our office.

On average, a QHHT Session will take roughly 5 hours. The calendar will default to 5 hour time slots. That being said, every individual is different. Your QHHT Session may run longer or shorter depending upon your needs and our practitioner’s availability.

Before scheduling, please review our QHHT page.



What is QHHT?

QHHT, short for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, is a unique form of hypnosis developed by Dolores Cannon. Our QHHT Practitioner, Amy, facilitates effective sessions that can:

  • Produce healing qualities within yourself
  • Allow you to find the answers you have always been looking for in your life
  • Create change within yourself
  • Understand the overall picture of life
  • and so much more!

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