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Color of Your Aura

Does Your Aura Have a Color?

Ever wonder why you gravitate towards particular colors? Have you had a favorite color for the majority of your life? Colors that resonate with you may very well be the color(s) of your aura or the color of the aura you wish to seek in others.

Auras have not only been felt by people, but also seen. While some people have the ability to see auras surrounding a person’s body like an energy field, others have the ability to see the actual colors that correspond with the person. Perhaps someone has a very strong chakra that resonates with a specific color. Even then a color or aura can be perceived from an onlooker with the ability of aura perception.

From most accounts, most people tend to have a very specific color or hue in their aura that represents them to others that are observing or in their presence.

Auras Bring Color & Feeling

Believe it or not, there are people that are very in tune with deciphering auras. In some cases, those individuals are very conscious about their abilities and fully understand what they are seeing and what each aura represents. In most other cases for other people, the same feelings are derived from auras but in a subconscious manner and are recognized through intuition.

Many people have a feeling about someone that they cannot describe or understand, yet the feeling or intuition remains strong. This is likely due to the aura’s emanating color and vibration that the observing individual is receiving. The color of the aura is usually subconsciously absorbed and then deciphered, which then brings the feelings of intuition, often leading to judgments of character, history, and intentions. Talk about a first impression!

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