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How to Meditate for Beginners

Meditation Introduction

Meditation can mean a lot of things to different people. To some, it is deep prayer in a church. To others it is relaxation on a beach. Still to others it can be performing various types of yoga in a studio. Ultimately, meditation can be all of those things, depending on what’s going on in the mind.

Although there are many ways to meditate, one should consider the following elements while performing any aspect of meditation as a beginner:

Clear Your Mind

Too much focus on a particular item, object, thought, or activity will continually “busy” the mind.

Let go of the “Busy”

Just be in the moment, relax, and let go of everything happening in your physical world. You don’t have to be anywhere, you have no responsibilities in this moment, and no one is dependent on you right now. This is time for you and only you.


Calm, consistent breathing is crucial. There are several breathing techniques that can unlock your consciousness from this physical realm, but for now let’s just focus lightly on smooth, continual breathing. Equal breath lengths in to breath lengths out.

Lay Down

Laying down can be the easiest way to have your body relax. Focus briefly on each part of your body as you lay down. Stress and relax each muscle group from your toes, legs, arms, hands, to your neck and head. Once all muscle groups have been flexed and relaxed, your body is prepared to feel the calmness of the moment. Eventually you can sit up once you learn how to relax your body in that posture. If something feels strenuous or difficult, just find a very relaxing position to ease the body, hence we recommend the laying down position for beginners.


Closing your eyes is certainly a great start, as that activates your pineal gland, which can bring your meditation to the next level. Additionally, being in a dark room can assist in that process, thus relaxing your body even more.

Water & Hydration

Be sure to have a hydrated body before meditation. Hydration has several health benefits already, but enhancing your meditation is just another benefit.

Allow Openness to Flow

Allowing your thoughts to come in is extremely important in meditation. To be clear, these are not thoughts of “what do I have on the schedule tomorrow” or “when do I need to pick up the kids”. Put these thoughts aside! The thoughts you may encounter when proper meditation is achieved would be thoughts about yourself, FROM YOURSELF! You can learn more about his on our self page.

Be at Peace

Above all else, be at peace with your self. Understand that you are where you are in life because of YOU, and that’s OK! Love your being and your body and you’ll begin to see how much easier things in life can become.

Again, these points above are some of the very basics about meditation. Be sure to search other sources for meditation that best fits you.

Be well!

Love lives.



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