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Why is the letter G in the word Light?

English is quite an interesting language. It becomes even more interesting when one starts tapping into the deeper meanings of each letter, glyph, and the corresponding number.

As many children begin spelling words, the English language does NOT make it an easy task. We simply have questions that seemingly have no logical answer (at least no answers that are taught or well known). One of the first questions most children ask when they begin spelling bigger words is this one below:

If G makes a gah  sound, or even a jah  sound, why is G in the word “light”?

How did your teachers answer that question back in grade school? Heck, how did your highschool teachers or college professors answer that question?

If you’re like most people, you probably received no real answers. Just “Well, that’s just how it’s spelled in English…” And like most people, due to absolutely zero traction on the topic, you stopped asking those questions. I mean, if you continue to get no true answers time after time, who could blame you for stopping the questioning?

First, before giving you the answer, please note that EVERYTHING IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS BY DESIGN. English shows us the secrets of life, the human experience, and the universe. The constructs are absolutely mind blowing and not from this world. Believe it. There are many, many  reasons for the spellings of every word. There is nothing that doesn’t have a reason.

Do you really think words were spelled the way they are for no reason?

To make it harder to learn?

Think about it.

Word spellings cannot be arbitrary or coincidental.


The reason why the letter G is in the word Light

Well, here’s your answer, short and sweet (at least as short and sweet as we can make it for one blog post 😉.)

  • G is the 7th letter in the English alphabet.
  • Knowing the meaning of 7, 7 is the holiest and most knowledge/ truth seeking/ mystery-unfolding number dealing with wisdom. (Learn all about numbers here.)
  • There is a reason the word “God” starts with a G. G = 7 in the ancient practice of Gematria.
  • God exists in all, and all is  God, even thought we cannot see or hear God. God is engrained in everything in life. Perhaps some would say God is in the middle of EVERYTHING.

Why is there a G in Light, G in Light, Why the G in Light

If we look at the G as 7, and if seven is the most holy number, then hidden reason of having the G in LIGHT is to show us that:

  • God exists, the G is there for a reason.
  • God cannot be heard (seen), just as the G is silent!
  • God is in the middle of everything (God is not the beginning or the ending. God is  the beginning and the ending.) Just as G is right in the middle of the word “light’.
  • God created this world, which has three physical dimensions, and G just happens to be the 3rd letter in “light” as well (from the beginning OR the ending).

If you’ve read the LIGHT section of the website, you already know that light = wisdom. If God is in light, then God is in wisdom. Through God, wisdom can come.

Consider the word “bright”. Not as telling as “light” but same idea applies. Also, it is not a coincidence  that we use “bright” to often describe “light”, thus silently reminding us that God is in all.

Also consider “might”, as in to be strong. Stength and might, both non-coincidentally  having Gs in them, show that God is all powerful.

There is plenty more on this subject, but the post is running a bit long. Just wanted to provide you with the answer.

REMEMBER, everything in the English language and “spelling”(🤔) is by design.

Love Lives

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