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New Earth & What’s To Come

New Earth

Right now, the Earth is shifting into a new vibration. For years, people all across the world have felt and sensed that a major change was coming. People of all vibrations and levels have felt the world, their lives, and time begin to “move faster”.

How is it that people feel that same  phenomenon yet never look deeper or ask questions?

Is time really moving faster? Is time real? That’s a different post for another time.

As our energy and vibrations rise or “ascend”, our frequency increases. Low frequency energy is longer wave-lengths while higher frequency energy has shorter wave-lengths. It’s obvious that time feels faster as our beings are literally trying to vibrate at a higher and higher frequency!

The question is, are we allowing the ascension and rise in vibration to happen? Or are we prolonging it? Or worse, discouraging it even?

Connections to this material, earthly realm can keep your vibrations low. Heavy foods, for one, can keep you down. Over indulging in the pleasures of Earth can also keep your vibrational energy low.

Time flies when you’re having fun – your vibration and frequency is HIGH!

When you’re sick, or are having a down day, it seems like the day will just never end!

Your vibration and frequency determine your perception of time, proving that time is not constant. (Again, another post coming…)

Right now, the Earth is moving into an entirely new dimension. The process has been happening for several years, but has seemingly come to a heightened crescendo with the advent of the 2020s.

Changes in Vibration in the Past

Humanity has seen changes in vibration in the past in previous civilizations. The Mayan people basically vanished into thin air according to historian accounts. Same with people in upper North America. There have been multiple myths of entire civilizations of people simply disappearing from their cities.

These people, as a community, have quite possibly raised their collective vibrations and moved into another dimension.

How do we know this?

Question and answer sessions from the Law of One have spoken on this. Higher level consciousnesses have also corroborated the same shift in energy and dimensions, as Dolores Cannon has documented in nearly all of her books. Example – Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth and her Convoluted Universe series.

Not believing it? Can’t fathom this?

You very well might be a lower vibrational being/energy whose path is not to experience this. And that is OK! 🙂

Stories like these now match what newer information from higher consciousness has provided. This information is so relatively new that most people have never researched these topics. In a world of chaos, this information has made more and more sense as we progress our understanding of humanity’s existence.

Possible Outcomes of the Shift

As the Earth shifts, the vibration of everything on Earth can shift as well. That is, everything that is to continue to the new Earth (resonating with pure love and light) will shift. Feelings of joy and happiness will happen more frequently and should seemingly be followed. The new Earth may very well be entirely made of light and not heavy, dense matter.

Those that do not shift or raise their energy have been (and will be) “left behind”.  Left behind may have a negative connotation, though the understanding that some will continue and some will stay is universal and not necessarily a negative or positive thing.

Not everyone will choose to raise their vibration and join the new Earth in the newer, higher dimension, and that is again, OK! 🙂

Everyone has their own path to choose. Each path yields its own truth.

Love Lives!

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