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The Number 5

Understanding the Number 5

The number 5 and its energy is all about adaptability, change, freedom, and creation. Exploration and adventure is no stranger to the 5 either. Investigation and curiosity inspires the 5. Why?

According to Pythagoras, there are certain numbers that represent the masculine and feminine energies. The number 5 is rare because it contains BOTH masculine and feminine traits. We will see this more when examining the glyph of the 5.

The Number 5 Glyph

The number 5 glyph is uniquely made up of both straight lines and curves lines, representing the male and female forces. The representation of change is evident in the number 5 as the top line is straight (male), the line going down is straight (male), but just as the glyph seemingly begins a pattern of two straight lines the 5’s bottom half curves elegantly (female) outward to the right and completes itself with a curve back to the left under itself.

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The number 5 shows openness. While most numbers are open to either the right OR the left, the 5 glyph is open ended to the right AND the left. The masculine force is opened to the right while the feminine force is open to the left. This allows many people whose charts are filled with 5s to have a way with words and great abilities to communicate.

Symbolism of the Number 5

The number 5 represents many, many things… as it should! The 5 does not accept monotony. The 5 does not accept routine well. The 5 represents new experiences and thusly, creation.

The number 5 finds itself in the middle of God’s most perfect creation, man. Man experiences this world with how many senses? Five. When looking at one hand, how many digits are there? Five. Let’s look at our foot. How many toes on one foot? Five again.

There is much more to all of the numbers, and soon we will have a repository for each number and its essence, full description, meaning, and symbolism.

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