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Love & Connections

Love šŸ’œ

To love is to feel a deep, intense affection. Usually, love is used when describing extreme affection between people:

  • I love my parents.
  • I love my children.
  • I love my spouse.

People can also love doing things:

  • I love to run.
  • I love to help.
  • I love to listen to music.

Some may argue that humans can even love things:

  • I love tacos.
  • I love baseball.
  • I love this chair.

Are any of those forms of love any more intense than the other? Naturally, you might think, “Even though I looooove tacos, I really do love my mom more.”

This next idea may seem odd, but love may not actually have anyĀ Ā levels. Once one’s affection of someone or something reaches a particular level, it becomes love. Affection itself may have levels, but once loveĀ  is achieved, that’s it. That’s the highest! There may be nothing more beyond love, as love is the greatest gift that we can give or receive.

There may be different levels of “like” and affection, but once love is attained, there may not be octaves or levels of love beyond. How could there be? Love is the ultimate achievement.

Ever hear the phrase “One Love”? It does make sense.


Connections šŸ§¬

What we may consider higher love or more intense love is simply our connectionĀ  with the person, object, or action. One’sĀ connectionĀ Ā with their mom is most likely a stronger, wider bandwidth connection than their connection with, say, a taco. In one case, love can be reciprocated, in another, it seemingly cannot be, so the connection is quite different.

In that case, it may feel as though you love someone more than you love a thing, but in fact, if you truly love both, the love is the same. Love for your mother, love for a taco, love for the world. It’s all the same. The connectionsĀ  to each may be very different though.

What could cause different connections?

Familiarity is probably the most common reason for deeper connections. People that you’ve been with your entire life. Things that you have done since you were a child. Typically these connections get so strong that they simply turn into love.

There are many metaphysical connections that exist as well. For example, numeric connections that most people are not aware of between people and people, people and objects, people and actions. Two people may have a strong connection with each other for no “apparent” reason, only to find out they are numerically linked. These numeric connections usually stem from birthdays and names. Connections between people and things tend to yield the same results. Numerically, if you understand Gematria, you can see the very clear connection between “Babe Ruth” and “homerun”, and perhaps why he lovedĀ  hitting homeruns.

Another metaphysical connection would be auras. People with certain auras tend to have greater, wider connections with people and things with similar auras. Auras, usually described as colored energy fields, may harmonize with similar color frequencies. People with the same favorite color may often times “vibe” together well, increasing the likelihood of their affection for each other to morph into love.

Once it’s realized that your connections with the people, objects, and actions in life have different bandwidths, it’s easier to understand why you may feel greater senses of affection and ultimately achieve love respectively with each one.


Love & Connections šŸ’œšŸ§¬

Simply put, love has one level, and that is love. Sounds redundant, and it might not even makes sense to most people, but once love is attained, that’s it! That’s the goal!

Connections and their intensities are what most humans consider stronger love, but really, they are just stronger connections.Ā  The love is present; the connection is simply of a greater bandwidth.


Final Note:

The way that people handle the feeling or energy of love may be extremely different. Manias, philias, infatuations, etc. are all different manifestations of the love energy. Just as each person handles stress differently, each person may have a different manner in which they handle the emotion of love.

The love itself is exactly the same. It’s one love, and it’s alive!

Love Lives.


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