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Life’s “Curveballs”

The “Curveball” in Life

How many times have you heard the phrase “curveball” used for an unexpected scenario in life?

How many times has the phrase “curveball” been used for a perceived negative, unexpected scenario?

Many times when we hear someone (or ourselves) say that “Life threw me a curveball”, it’s usually portrayed in a negative manner, as if the unexpected and uncontrollable is seemingly ALWAYS negative.

Most people should not let themselves live in that type of reality. Read on for the reason why.


Curveball Duality

Ever hear someone use “curveball” in a positive manner?

If so, they might be onto something!

Consider this.

If you all of a sudden unexpectedly find a $100 bill on the ground, let us ask you, did “Life throw you a curveball?” Most people would reply, no. But really, it did!

“Curveballs” in life are inevitable, though most people seemingly dwell on the negative ones. We would argue that life’s curveballs are probably darn close to 50-50! Some are positive while others a negative.

Try focusing on (or recognizing) the curveballs in life that are positive! You might be surprised how fortunate you are VS how unfortunate you think you are.


The REAL MEANING of this Post

Are you happy?

Seriously. Truly. Are you happy?

Most people aren’t 100% completely happy, and that’s okay. This is life.

If that’s the case in most people, perhaps “curveballs” of both the positive and the negative nature should be a bit more welcomed!


If someone is not happy, they typically stay not happy. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Their trajectory towards happiness usually does not change unless they truly focus to change.

Let’s face it, most people either don’t have the focus or the drive to change. So what happens?


This is God’s way of realigning us to a trajectory of happiness.

Some people are waaaaaaay off course from happiness, and yep, you guessed it, they have many, many, MANY curveballs coming to realign them back to the happiness track.

Even negative (as we might perceive them in that moment) curveballs can potentially JOLT us back into a course that sets us towards happiness. Heck, if you’re not happy, a negative curveball from the universe might be JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

In baseball, some curveballs (called “hanging” curveballs) get BLASTED for home runs! If we can blast all of our curveballs (good and bad ones!) out the park, we’ll win the game called life.

So next time you have something popup in your life that shakes you up, ask yourself, have I been happy?

If you haven’t, welcome that curveball with a new mentality.

You’re getting back on track.


Love Lives!


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