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Chakras - Understanding Your Energy

“As children, there is a reason we learn the colors of the rainbow as ROYGBIV in our schools, and that reason goes much deeper than the rainbow or spectrum itself.”


What are Chakras?

The word chakra (pronounced “chaa·kruh”) means “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit. Chakras are focal points where you can harmonize mind and body to become more in tune with yourself.

With in your chakras, we all have something hidden called subtle energy that flows throughout our entire body and the chakra system. Some cultures call that energy prana, others refer to it as the life force within us.

The focal points where this energy intersects and converge are called chakras. There are actually several chakras throughout the body. At Yottamind, we simply focus on the main 7 chakras that are most well-known for beginners. We will briefly discuss each of these chakras on this page.

Harmony Within Chakras

To be a well balanced person emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mindfully, we need to have harmony within our chakras. If we get energy blockages, our physical bodies are susceptible to disease (think dis-ease, or “not ease”). The balance of our chakras is crucial to living a harmonious and loving life. Just as love is balanced, one’s chakras must be balanced to achieve our highest potentials: best physical health, mental health, and spiritual health.

Once some people have their health in balance, they may want to accept the challenge and pathway to enlightenment. For others, simply improving their health is all they seek. Either way, read on and love the journey!

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Root Chakra

The first chakra is called the Root Chakra, or Muladhara. This chakra is located near the genital region and base of the spine. Just like the root of a plant is its foundation, our Root Chakra is the foundation and beginning step for our mind, body, and emotions. With a strong, healthy foundation the rest of the being and energies begin to awaken.

The corresponding element with this chakra is Earth.

Spiritual awakening starts with the Root Chakra.

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Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is called the Sacral Chakra, the Abode of Self, or Svadhishthana. It is located in the abdomen between the genital region and navel. This chakra gives us perception of Self. We must have a clear perception of ourselves in order to be balanced. If you are unable to see your true Self and the truths in your life for what they are, you will have disharmony in this chakra which undoubtedly affects other chakras. If your perception of Self and life is accurate and guilt-free, your mind will be ego-less and less materialistic, assisting you in the task of balancing the higher chakras.

Water is the coinciding element with this chakra.

True awareness of the true Self and purification of that Self continues in the Sacral Chakra.

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Solar Plexus Chakra

The third Chakra is called the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Manipura, or the “City of Jewels”. This Chakra is based at the navel. Here, nourishment for our subtle energy is sent throughout the entire body as well as directing our life force to where it needs to go, which is essential in healing.

This is also where you hold your power, focus, and self control. If you have an unclear perception of what you require for your basic primal needs (lust, gluttony, etc.) this chakra will be blocked as your willpower and self control are not in balance. Fear, disappointment, and shame are also strong emotions that can reside in the Solar Plexus Chakra that commonly cause blockages.

Fire is the element associated with this chakra.

When you have a well balanced third chakra you will be more healthy and have success in attracting and creating things you want in life.

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Heart Chakra

The fourth Chakra is called Anahata, Heart Chakra, or Unstruck Sound. It is located in the center of your chest and corresponds with your sense of touch and intuition. With this being the middle Chakra it also is the convergence of the more earthly Chakras and the more spiritual Chakras.

When this Chakra is in balance, you have the potential to be completely in tune with the internal and external universe. You will be able to voice and create your true life purpose. With unstruck sound being quiet, still, and waiting for the potential, the more you go within, via mediation, the more potential you have to be connected with the universe as a whole and unlock your true purpose of life.

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Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra, Vishddha, is called the purification center and is located in the neck region.  The element ether is associated with this chakra along with our sense of hearing and speaking. We hear and speak things everyday.

Speaking our truth is a way to let out vibrations into the universe. If you were to bottle up thoughts/emotions you could get a blockage in this chakra. You may even get a sore throat as a way for your body to tell you that you need to speak your mind and release those bottled up thoughts/emotions.

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Third Eye Chakra

The sixth Chakra, Ajna, is the command center or also called the Third Eye. This Chakra is between the eyes just above your eyebrows. Here is where things are united, thoughts become reality, and our consciousness becomes one.

This Chakra works hand in hand with the fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra). With the fourth Chakra knowing your true life’s path and offering potential for all possibilities, the Third Eye Chakra turns that into reality.

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Crown Chakra

The seventh Chakra is the Crown, or Sahasrana Chakra. This Chakra is right above our head and relates directly to our connection with the universe. For this Chakra to be fully functioning you must have all other chakras balanced and working together.

The Crown Chakra gives us the feeling of joy, positivity, peace, and togetherness. When this Chakra is blocked you may feel lonely as you are closing off your availability to connect with the universe on a spiritual level.

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Balancing Your Chakras

Each chakra in its own self offers its power. Several life lessons and focuses can be sought after and gained from just a single chakra. As one’s life progresses, we collect lessons, experiences, and our own perspectives that can either funnel more energy into our chakras or drain energy from our chakras.

Be careful though.

Funneling more energy into your chakras is not always a positive thing. Funneling more negative energy into a chakra can be just as detrimental as losing positive energy from a chakra.

The true balance of energy is needed in each chakra to attain a free-flowing, natural energy. Once that natural energy is continuously flowing, abilities like healing, higher intuition, sensing, and clairvoyance can become more possible than ever, among other “super” abilities.

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