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Personal Numerology Calendar

As many of our members have seen now, we have a Personal Date Calendar that displays your personal numerology once your birthday has been entered.

This practice of finding the numerology of personal years, personal months, and personal days has been becoming more and more prevalent as numerology unveils itself further throughout time. The observations and interpretations of this phenomenon have also evolved through deeper understanding of the energy or essence of each of the core numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

The following interpretations have been compiled through vast avenues of research through multiple numerologists, several books, and even through meditation.

We hope you enjoy the insight that this page brings to you and your quest to understand life’s numeric patterns and rhythms that we all experience.

Personal Year Numerology

1 Years

1 years are great years to welcome new beginnings, new ventures, and introduce new plans for your future. You may find that 1 years allow you to attain a new focus and momentum on your previously unattended-to tasks, desires, and thoughts.

1 years, when action is taken, can feel like they fly by! New directions and habits can become engrained quickly and progress is gained in these years. Setting intentions for the future are very important during 1 years, so consider your future self when planning.

Realities are either made or broken during 1 years, so use yours to sow the right seeds for your future!

2 Years

During 2 years, you will often find the people and things that can help your thoughts and passions that you focused on in your previous 1 year. Many people find that welcoming those new connections often yields better results than shutting them out during 2 years.

Typically 2 years will not “fly by” as quickly as 1 years do, so have self-control, discipline, and patience as this year brings complimentary people and things into your reality.

3 Years

3 years can be great years for achievement. This is not to be confused with completion, like a 9 year, but certainly on the same wavelength.

3 is also a number that deals with creative forces and communication. Welcoming a newly found creativity may bring you to achieve new heights in your career, meet new people, or perhaps tap into a different dimension of yourself.

Furthermore, 3 years can be quite entertaining! You may find yourself having more opportunities to have fun, enjoy life, and socialize with others. It seems that opportunities just pop up more to connect with friends or family through social events during a 3 year.

4 Years

Stay structured! Stay organized! Trust the process!

In 4 years, make sure that you are not being lazy, unproductive, or bending rules. Many 4 years seem to bring impending consequences for the karma we may have created. Not to worry though! If you stay productive and down to earth during these years, you may find that your year will flow smoothly without surprises or interruptions.

5 Years

The year of CHANGE!

5 years usher in change and adventure. Consider the glyph of the number 5: straight lines that change direction and then a curve that continually changes direction until the glyph is completed.

Freedom is something that is needed after a very structured 4 year. You might feel the need to travel or do something very different or even “crazy” (5 letter word) compared to your usual rhythm of life.

Make sure that all the changes you may encounter are what you desire though! Not all changes are positive or welcomed, so follow your intuition tightly during 5 years. Embrace the change, but beware of unwanted involvement of negative energy.

6 Years

6 years tend to bring your focus to family, home, and learning.

Loved ones may come and go during these years as well. A new romantic relationship may show as an opportunity while other loved ones may pass on. Death and birth may show their presence all within 6 years.

With family, home, and education typically in view for the 6 year, you can likely expect the highs and lows of emotion during this year as well. Be sure to recognize the highs and work through the lows in order to progress your path as much as possible.

7 Years

The 7 year is another great year to self-reflect and focus inward. Reflecting on your past choices in life and discerning where your next focus should be can become quite clear in 7 years.

Honing in on your interests, bettering your craft or skills, and exploring life’s mystical side may find your focus more often during 7 years.

Make sure to keep a good balance though. With much self-reflection and self-exploration, some people can become antisocial and never want to leave home.

A great way to balance this feeling out would be to indulge in nature. Walking through forests, swimming in lakes and ponds, and focusing on your spirituality will certainly vibe nicely in your 7 year.

8 Years

Since 8 is a number about sustenance, leadership, and authority, you may find yourself gaining or losing control more frequently than other years. In some cases, you may be the one taking charge more and more, while in other cases someone might be coming to the forefront of your life that is trying to take control. In either case, be aware of the power of the 8 year.

Additionally, 8 years typically deal with money. This also can be a net gain or a net loss. Take advantage of the abundances that come your way but take extra care not to squander them.

8 years are great years to take charge. If you have a new venture or idea that you can act on, now would be the time.

9 Years

The personal 9 year is the year for completion. Allow portions of your journey to naturally complete themselves. Furthermore, feel free to let go of tasks, negative relationships, and anything else in life that is no longer helping you on your path.

Bringing peace into your life during a 9 year also allows you to prepare for whatever new beginnings that the looming 1 year has next.

Any relationships or focuses that you wish you bring back into focus may be better kept for that following 1 year as well. That being said, with 9 being a universal wisdom number, showing compassion and forgiveness to friends and family will help clear the path and bring completion to petty differences or arguments. Taking that “higher road” will pay dividends in the future.

11 Years

In the case of an 11 year, your ability to focus is heightened. Intuition is also heightened so be sure you pay special attention to your inner voice this year.

That being said, with the double 1 energy combining to create that 11, be aware that you don’t become to self-centered. Stubbornness and closedmindedness may creep up, so keep those thoughts and emotions in check. If you keep the low, negative, self-serving side of the double 1s in check, you will unlock the true power of the Master Number 11.


22 Years

Personal year 22 is the perfect year to build towards a better future for you, your family, friends, business, etc. 22 is the Master Builder number and can lay the perfect foundation for bigger things to come.

There may be roadblocks that present themselves that may distract or even discourage you from moving forward this year, coming from the essence of the 4 from the 22, so stay motivated. Avoid being lazy and your ambitions will continue to grow and yield the next steps in life.

A 22 year can be rare, so take advantage of them when they occur.

33 Years

If you find yourself in the midst of a 33 year, be ready for all sorts of lessons. This could be a tough year of growth, but you have the power of the 33 to guide you and to stay patient through learning.

Additionally, you may have the opportunity in 33 years to teach others your life lessons. Do this with compassion and be humble in your approach. Also avoid ego in your methods and your teachings will be accepted by all with greater value and love.

33 years can also bring great achievement, as the Master Teacher number only can level up by helping and teaching others. Once this is in motion, achievements can be sky high.

Personal Month Numerology

1 Months

1 months are great months to start new projects and focus on your own plans.

2 Months

Months that equal 2 for you will often bring relationships into your attention. Relationships with friends or family may come into your path more during 2 months.

3 Months

3 Months can be quite creative in nature. The ability to achieve may also be heightened during these months.

4 Months

Organization, structure, and details can all come into focus during 4 months. Laziness and complacency should be avoided.

5 Months

Change is evident in 5 months. Be aware of change and understand that there may be many directions in which your attention gets pulled.

6 Months

Months that equal 6 are great to focus on family and your home life. You may find yourself improving your home and the environments in which you spend most of your time during these months.

7 Months

7 months are great for deeper research into topics that you have passion for. Similar to the 1 month, 7 months are wonderful to focus on yourself and your knowledge base.

8 Months

In 8 months, look for ways to be self-sustaining and abundant. Opportunities for financial gain (and loss mind you!) often present themselves in 8 months.

9 Months

9 months are all about bringing universal wisdom to the forefront of your life. That usually results in sharing information with others, accepting and giving apologies, and taking the “higher road” in life by bringing peace to others. Additionally, you may notice that large projects often complete themselves in 9 months.

11 Months

Your ability to focus this month is enhanced. The resonance with the Master Number 11 will allow you to start and put into motion many of the tasks that you haven’t been able to in the past. Additionally, relationships may also see themselves into your focus, so be patient and cooperative with friends, family, and partners. Take advantage of this roughly 30 day period to do more with your mind and actions.

22 Months

The Master Builder number 22 may serve you quite well in 22 months. Your ability to focus may be enhanced and setting the proper plans (along with all the details) may seem to flow to you during these months. Having resonance with the 4, your 22 months should also focus on your building your own foundation, such as your health. Your immediate future may benefit from your focuses this month.

33 Months

You may find yourself sharing and teaching quite a bit in a month that is a 33 for your personal numerology. As the Master Teacher number, 33 allows your communication to be enhanced and people may understand you easier as well.

Personal Day Numerology

1 Days

Days that equal 1 can help you begin a new endeavor, think of new ideas, or perhaps focus on yourself. New beginnings for us often start on days that equate to 1. 1 also represents direction, so feel self-assured when making decisions that lead in new directions on 1 days.

2 Days

Days that equal 2 can bring relaxation and togetherness. Partnerships, relationships, and collaboration would be good things to focus on with another person on these days. Your desire to help others may be increased as well.

3 Days

Days that equal 3 should bring creativity and spirituality. Social interactions should be welcomed and even expected. Be sure to converse with friends and family, and always be gracious for what comes your way!

4 Days

On days that equal 4, your focus may sway towards structure and organization in your life. Look at the situations and scenarios in your life and try to have down-to-earth perspectives for each. Try to stay the current course instead of exploring new paths on 4 days.

5 Days

On days that equal 5 for you, adventure is the theme. Changes are likely to occur or present themselves, so buckle up. Creativity can also be tapped into as 5 days bring many different energies to the consciousness. That being said, be on alert for confusion.

6 Days

On your 6 days, be loyal to yourself, your family, and your intellect. Home improvements and art may find their way into your interest on these days. Wonderful teaching and learning opportunities may be in store for you as well, so be ready for life lessons.

7 Days

7 days can be wonderful for reflection, meditation, and relaxation. Inward focus will be important, but be sure to not shut yourself out from everything. Being in nature and exploring life will balance out the day of reflection if you go too far inward.

8 Days

On your 8 days, take control of the affairs in your life. Success, abundance, and sustainability may be more likely for you on these days. Finance, business, and management may also be a theme. Consider the glyph of the “8”. The infinity sign represents a continued balance in life, so be ready to reconcile Karmic Debts, on either the receiving end or giving end.

9 Days

With the final number of 9, your 9 days call for completion. These are great days to finish projects, end toxic relationships, or complete your goals. With 9 being a God number, bring peace to everyone you encounter and approach all scenarios with love. Doing so may lead to a wonderful restart of your day numerology back with the 1.

11 Days

If you encounter an 11 day, consider yourself blessed. Your focus and abilities can be enhanced while your drive can be increased, like a master. Focusing on your own goals will always be magnified on these days, though the best progress and results always come when your own goals somehow help others.

22 Days

Having a 22 day should allow you to have great understanding. Picking up on your own talents and how to build them may become very apparent on these days when they occur. Improvement and implementation will likely be the focuses for the day.

33 Days

33 days are full of learning, though you may find yourself on the learning end or the teaching end of life lessons. Regardless of which end you experience on a 33 day, it is imperative that learning always takes places. The patient practice of simple observation may yield new perspectives on life that could change your trajectory forever.

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