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Can You Create Dimensions?

Creating Dimensions

Creating your own reality seems to be a very popular conversation amongst people that are seeking higher consciousness. As we learn more about the consciousness and the subconsciousness, more and more people tend to feel (or believe) that we are in more control of our realities and worlds that we seemingly “live” in than what was previously understood.

The world is constantly shifting. While the world shifts into different dimensions, what dictates that change? What changes occur in a dimensional shift? Can everyone feel it? Unfortunately, it is tough to have absolute answers, so we’ll do our best to discuss these topics/questions as thoroughly and clearly as possible.

What Dictates a Dimensional Change?

The world moves through the universe. The entire universe interacts with the world just as much as we interact with our family and loved ones. Energies from near and far affect the Earth and our vibrational energy fromĀ the Earth is sent out through the universe. When the Earth reaches certain points in the universe, perhaps called “junction points”, there are opportunities for dimensional shifts. These points may be as often as multiple times per month and some other points may be several hundred years apart (see The Great Conjunction article). Regardless, the opportunities that these “junction points” offer invite energies and consciousness to collide, thus creating a new energy, or new consciousness to be born. That consciousness, or change in energy, could be what we call a dimensional shift.

What Changes Occur in a Dimensional Shift?

Certain shifts in dimensions are stronger than others. Changes in a new dimension can be as subtle as noticing a new tree at a park you’ve always been to. Other changes can be quite different! There have been stories of people that have recognized complete strangers and as if they’ve known them their entire lives only to find out they are in fact, a stranger! Other people notice more positive or more negative energy after a dimensional shift. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some), you control quite a bit of what you experience before, during, and after a shift. This has to do with creating your own dimensions! We’ll talk about that shortly.

Can Everyone Feel a Shift in Dimension?

No. To be quite honest, the super vast majority of people will feel or be aware of absolutely zero change. This does NOT mean a shift has not occurred or that shifts are pointless/useless. It simply means that most people are just not in tune or aware of the vibrational changes that occurs during a shift. Here is why – Most people do not understand or believe that they create their reality. A dimensional shift, for let’s say 95% of people, is something that they themselves did NOT create. They did not realize that the world (their world) was at a junction point with the opportunity to create a better (or worse) reality. With most people unaware of the universal opportunities, the dimensional shifts are quite possibly dictated by the few that ARE aware!

If you meditate (see creation meditation – coming soon!) during times that give opportunities for dimensional shifts, you can focus your energy on creating a new dimension! And guess what…! When that dimension is fully created by you and you believe that you really did in fact create it, you FEEL THE SHIFT!

To learn more about creating your own dimensions and entering them, stay tuned.

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