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Food, Fuel, & Elements

Food as Pleasure = Problem

Ever love a food so much just because of the taste? Ever abuse a particular food, snack, or meal so much it was borderline gluttony (or actual gluttony)?

You are NOT alone.

The majority of humans in our society have been raised in a food-focused culture. Food has become a first world pleasure and it’s causing problems with our paths to enlightenment and ascension.

It’s ok, you can correct it! But let’s look at some history first.

How did this Happen?

Think about it. Not many of us have been without food for very long. All classes from upper class, middle class, and to the lower class have seemingly had more access to food at this point in human history than ever before. There has been so much access to food and so much food supply of all types that food is not something that is searched for any more. The majority of people in United States do not have to scavenge for food as if it were scarce. At least not right now. That is a blessing and burden.

Because we have access to foods of all types in seemingly endless amounts due to mass productions, humans now have choice more than ever. Think about it. When gathering with friends or family, what’s one of the most frequent things to do? “Let’s get a bite to eat!” or “How about we grab a drink?” or “Dinner at my place!” Food’s purpose has gone from being an essential fuel to the human body, which was needed for basic survival at one point in time, to a plentiful and pleasure-full tradition of feast and choice. Food has become a pleasure to the human brain that stimulates us (unfortunately) in many of the wrong ways. Here we are today, enjoying plentiful Thanksgiving meals, BBQ cookouts, and snacks of all kinds…my goodness the snacks! Most of which do not carry the proper, pure energy we need to operate our very powerful, mysterious, and well-equipped human bodies and more importantly, minds!

Food as Fuel = Freedom!

When one realizes that food is solely and only fuel, the physical and mental slavery we have to food will be broken. That is quite easy to say, but very difficult to do for most people who have lived their entire lives eating for tradition’s sake, for pleasure’s sakes, instead of for survival or for fuel.

The realization that must come for one to be free of the earthly bounds is that food contains energy, both positive and negative. Food that is closer to the source of energy is typically the better food for our bodies and minds. Eating better, proper foods affects the Solar Plexus Chakra in quite the positive manner!

Take these two examples. One of them is far removed from the original energy source(s) while the other is directly in touch with the four basic energies of our world; the four basic elements.


Elements Bring Energy to Food, and Us

If you are browsing this website, then most, if not all of you, should know and understand the four basic elements. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each of which have their own type of energy that can cause beneficial construction or detrimental destruction. In the example above, let’s look at the snack. The snack may have trace amounts of “real food” used in the process of creating the end product. Notice that word, process. Processed foods are seldom going to provide the energy we need to utilize our mind and bodies to the fullest, with our emphasis on the mind. Processed foods just do not cut it.

On the other hand, we have an apple. A simple apple. In the bible, God created the Garden of Eden and provided Adam with many plants and animals, but the apple was talked about the most. If we briefly examine the apple and its nature, we quickly and easily see all four basic elements involved in its creation.

  • Earth – The tree starts from a seed in the dirt. The tree then roots itself in the soil and becomes firmly grounded in Earth.
  • Water – Rain, morning dew, a winter’s thaw all can be forms of Water that help that seed germinate. That Water continues to feed the tree and its fruit throughout the entire life cycle.
  • Fire – The Fire in this case is possibly the most important energy we have access to. That’s right, the Sun. We all know the Sun (light energy) is needed to grow plants to fruiting stages.
  • Air – The wind moves carbon dioxide to the plant. The final element of Air has been added.

Take a look at our comparison now! Which does your soul prefer? If you are still answering with “the snack”, it’s okay! Our pleasure for taste has conquered the brain, and your desires! The first step is realizing this! Again, you are not alone! Once you understand that the energy we need is very simple and not needed in mass amounts, you will be mentally more equipped to conquer the addiction that we have called “food” for so many years.

Ultimately, our thirst for truth must overcome our taste for pleasure.

YOU can do it.

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