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Interesting Body Symbolism Part 2

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Blinking happens virtually all time the when we are in our waking hours. We seem to ‘forget’ that we are blinking throughout the day until we somehow think about it or become conscious about our blinking for some reason. Most of the time, and most days, most people do not even realize they are blinking when they do. Our minds have sooo much more to worry about, right? Very involuntary.

Well with blinking, you can control your blinks. In fact, you can close your eyes for as long as you want! Really no need for the exclamation point there, but you see  where I’m going, right? Though blinking has a baseline of being involuntary the majority of the time, our mind and consciousness can make it voluntary. We can blink fast, slow… we can stare (or try to stare in contests) for as long as we can. We are commanding our eyes/eyelids to do something very specific, making the action a voluntary one. An odd dichotomy.

The Blinking Symbolism

This function pertains to our sight, our eyes, our perception of the world. As one uses sight to see and observe the world around us, the lesson that our body is teaching us by giving us the auto-pilot and  manual (involuntary and voluntary) options on sight and perception is that we can choose what to perceive in life! If we want to look harder for something, we can. If we don’t want to, we don’t have to. If we want to be open to certain perceptions while be closed to others, that is our prerogative as humans. We have a natural filtering ability on what we can perceive and observe in life represented by the ability to control the blinking (or closing of the eyes) or keeping them open to certain events in our lives.

For those that are unaware of this symbolism, most people will simply float through life with an involuntary perception of anything and everything that comes to them. While that may seem wonderful to experience and embrace everything, all of us know how misleading the world and the people in it can be. Being in control, or better yet, having an awareness to what one is perceiving is crucial as we make our way through life to find ultimate truth and love. Don’t leave your perception on auto-pilot!

Love Lives!

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