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Interesting Body Symbolism Part 3

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Breathing, just like blinking, is notoriously involuntary. Again, we are busy with so many other things to focus on that consciously telling our bodies to breath would become very, very tedious and monotonous. There are certainly places and times for voluntary and controlled breathing, such as in yoga and Ayurvedic breathing, but the super-vast majority of our lives our breathing will be automatic and involuntary.

As in the examples above, breathing can and does become voluntary when we want! Again, an exclamation point for something everyone in the world knows… But think about it. We can control our breathing in so many ways. Deep breaths now and then to relieve stress. Holding our breath to go under water. Holding our breath to beat a friend in a contest. (Humans love contests of the body!) Regardless, you can see the dichotomy again of involuntary yet voluntary for breathing. Onto the symbolism!

The Breathing Symbolism

The function of breathing pertains to our bodies taking in oxygen through our noses or mouths and ultimately reaching our lungs. This is very similar to eating food or drinking liquids that ultimately reach our stomachs – we are constantly consuming things! The fact that breathing can be both involuntary and voluntary symbolizes that we have the full ability to control what our bodies can take in. Even beyond that; we have the full ability to control what enters ours lives.

From the variety of food we eat to the very beliefs we choose to follow, we have the ability to control and filter what enters our bodies; and furthermore, our realities. Even to the the type of people we surround ourselves with, we as humans are consuming everything as an experience.  The fact that breathing is not just an auto-pilot function shows us that we need to control and have a conscientious effort towards what we consume in our lives. Most people wouldn’t continue breathing normally in a cloud of pollution smog, would they? Consider that when you find yourself clouded with a negative energy or low-frequency person. Don’t continue on auto-pilot. Control what your human experience consumes. You’ll be thankful later.

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