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Interesting Body Symbolism Part 4

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When we discuss digestion, we’re going to include going to bathroom in this topic. One obviously leads to the next, and the activities are about removing waste, so figure digestion, bowel movements, etc. one in the same.

Digestion (and going to the bathroom) is just like the other two topics above. It happens involuntarily without our conscious minds telling or bodies every little step. Food and liquids are digestied in the stomach and sifted through the intestines, absorbing all the nutrients and leaving toxins for removal. That process doesn’t typically stop on command for most people. As the saying says, “When you gotta go, you gotta go!” Couldn’t get much more involuntary than that!

The voluntary aspect of this function, though, is a proactive one. Consider someone leaving the house, or going on a trip. Usually, people will go to the bathroom on their own accord. They didn’t ‘have to go’ at that moment, but they get into the bathroom, expel what waste contents are present, and continue their day. This would be an example of a complete voluntary action of digestion (and removal). The odd dichotomy of involuntary AND voluntary continues. What can we learn from this one though?

The Digestion Symbolism

The function of digestion on the surface is quite obvious – we are removing waste from our bodies. What this can translate to in a symbolic and philosophical level is the removal of and separation from waste in our lives. Negative energy, low-frequency people, and unwanted activities can be removed and controlled, just as our bodies give us the wonderful opportunity to control digestion and removal.

Furthermore, just as going to the bathroom voluntarily in a proactive manner prepares oneself better for travel or for an event, removing things from your life BEFORE they become a problem is crucial to a positive life of love. It sure makes getting on a plane easier when you’ve dropped that massive number two BEFORE you take off! Think about dealing with that person you dread. Life would sure be easier if you just never interacted with that person in the first place; or, in most cases, you made a mistake by interacting with that person and then never removed them as you should have. Our bodies show us the secret! You can remove anything from your life at any time! It’s under YOUR CONTROL!

Unfortunately, we all know that almost everyone out there is on auto-pilot here too. They let negative energies, negative people, negative events build up and build up over time. This only leaves us with lives full of shit! Thankfully, the involuntary nature of life will expel some negative energy here, some negative people there, but not in a proactive¬† manner. The people that float through life on auto-pilot and in a sense just let their bodies cruise in the involuntary state simply don’t remove enough waste to make a noticeable, positive¬† difference.

Love Lives!

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