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Intro to Ascension

What is Ascension? 

Ascension is reaching the next level of vibration (or density) physically. The catch is that ascension must be obtained through mental and spiritual pursuits.

For those of us on the Earth, this is moving from Third to Fourth Density vibrations. As we learned in the previous post, ascension can begin once a decision is made about betterment. To better oneself (only) or to better others around you. (Ra from the Law of One calls this Service to Self or Service to Others.) Either decision is acceptable in your pursuit of ascension.

Why is Ascension important? 

What’s the benefit of Ascension? As you open your mind, you gain access to knowledge that resides on higher vibrations. Universal truths then start to become evident. One may start to consider life’s biggest mysteries: 

  1. Where do we go when we die?
  2. Do we only live one lifetime?
  3. Are we alone in the universe? 
  4. Why am I here?
  5. What is my purpose?

Are you curious to find these answers? 

One must only look inside oneself for the true answers. Tapping into one’s higher vibrational consciousness, or the higher self, is the key.

There are physical means in which you can begin your spiritual ascension. 

Activating your pineal gland is extremely important and even perhaps necessary in ascension. To help activate your pineal gland, intently focus on the middle area above one’s eyes in meditation. The pineal gland is in the middle of the brain, though focusing right in the middle of the forehead may help activate its powers.

Once activated during meditation or relaxation, the ascension process can finally begin. Opening your eyes (third eye 🤔) to newer perspectives is imperative to beginning the journey of ascension in this lifetime on Earth.

Seeing the world from several viewpoints is crucial to achieve the love and understanding needed to attain Fourth Density, which un-coincidentally is the Density of “Love & Understanding”.

Love Lives!


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