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Perspective is Reality

Perspective Is Everything

Today there are heated arguments on just about everything. The toughest thing that people seemingly have a hard time with is seeing other perspectives.

As consciousness shifts and more topics come to light, it is imperative that we as a collective people have the unwavering ability to see multiple perspectives, even perhaps as many as possible so that the full picture, the full truth can be evident. It is quite possible that truth itself cannot be seen until all perspectives are understood and seen by the onlooker.

Here is a wonderful example.

Below is an image of a pyramid from an aerial view. Imagine being in the sky and looking down at the shape below, a bird’s-eye view:


Notice that there are 4 people with 4 different vantage points. Suppose that each of them is unwilling to move to the adjacent side. They only want to see it from their own point of view. Let’s see what happens when they describe their view to one another:


Between person A and person B, we already have some truth being told and some rifts starting. Is either person wrong?

Let’s continue with person C and person D. Person C addresses both A and B first:


Finally, person D sets the story straight 😆, letting everyone know they are only half right and that his view is the only true view.


Is anyone actually wrong?

Now think about all of the topics that are debated today. From politics, to coronavirus, to race, and to religion.

Do the majority of people ever move to see any other perspectives?

Think about it.

What is your reality based on? How many perspectives make up your reality?

Love Lives.


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