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The Higher 4 Densities


As we continue our exploration into densities (check out the first 3 densities here), let us take a brief look into the higher densities that humanity is challenged with entering at the current time.


The Fourth Density is comprised mainly of love and compassion and is intrinsically a feminine energy. The understanding and acceptance of others as a true extension of ourselves is paramount to entering this density.

What does a Fourth Density being look like?

A being in Fourth Density may look very similar, if not identical to one in Third Density. Both are bipedal vehicles (human bodies) according to Ra, with similar features. The Fourth Density being, though, may appear a bit lighter in both weight and in vibration. The aura of a Fourth Density being can often times be felt more than a typical Third Density being, again according to Ra.

In the Fourth Density, there is an innate sense of harmony with and between being. This is such a strong connection between beings that individual differences are not only accepted, but also integrated into the fabric of society.

There are many more interesting capabilities of Fourth Density beings that will be uncovered in additional pages and posts on this website. Telepathy and shared consciousness are just the beginning.


The Fifth Density is all about wisdom and light.

While in the Fifth Density, wisdom is the key to ascend. The unbridled compassion attained from Fourth Density must now be used with the discretion of wisdom at the core. With wisdom and light now at the helm of the Fifth Density, learning and life lessons become more evident than ever.

The collective consciousness from Fourth Density is certainly used and relied upon in the Fifth Density, although in a much more internal fashion.

Understanding that all wisdom comes from within is one of the biggest lessons learned in the Fifth Density. Everything and everyone stem from the same source, the One. A being in the Fifth Density may even consider that there is not anyone else or anything else in existence; that all is completely and solely one existence! There are no other people, no other realities, nothing else. Just your consciousness, which is all and one. All may seem perfect in the Fifth Density when one begins to see that their existence is the only one  in existence.


Once a being graduates from the truth and understanding of the Fifth Density lesson of internal wisdom and existence, the Sixth Density awaits them with arms wide open.

Unifying the love and compassion from Fourth Density with the wisdom and discernment of Fifth Density is the goal of the Sixth Density being.

There returns a sense of “community” (complete unity? 🤔) as the being’s consciousness seemingly returns to lower densities to help others (themselves in actuality) ascend. (Yes, this is getting deep!)

All beings (technically the One) in the Sixth Density are completely united with the same goal. Merge and balance love and wisdom by helping others in lower realms ascend.

Ra harks from this density.

The community of Sixth Density beings is so united, so tight, (again, technically the One) that it acts completely and truly as  one. Ascending from the Fourth and Fifth Densities, by now the being (the One) knows  that it is alone in existence, though the Sixth Density creates the experiences of “others” in lower densities to widen its own experiences with the intent to help and assist.

In this density, the being is pure light. A light body or soul perhaps. The Sixth Density is the home of the Higher Self. Think about it. Your Higher Self is simply YOU, just ascended and trying to help! 


The Seventh Density is the final step, the gateway perhaps, as the being merges back to source. An entity in the Seventh Density is the teacher to the Higher Self in Sixth Density.

There is not much known about this density and what follows other than there is a sense of completion and return to source, the One. Any semblance of identity is completely dissolved in this density as the being merges back with the Creator, the One.

SIDE NOTE – The secrecy and mystery of the Seventh Density does in fact make sense when one looks at the Gematria of the word “Seven“. Also understanding the meaning of the number 7 is helpful to understanding the essence of this density.

More to follow in subsequent posts and pages!

Love Lives.


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